Name: Tabascofr
Weight: 203lb
Age: 33
Sex Male

Tabascofr A.K.A “Captain Awesome”, is one of our Administrators of Train to be Awesome as well as one of it’s founding members.  He happens to be our resident Strongman who enjoys Deadlifting SUVs, Shoulder Pressing Circus Dumbbells, and flipping 500lb tires.  So if you like Pina Coladas…




1st: 520lb
2nd: 555lb

Bench Press:
1st: 315lb


8 Responses to “Tabascofr”

  1. Lift is good. Would have liked to see more depth and weight but this works.

  2. Lift is Good. Although i considered saying ‘no lift’ just because of the shitty background music.

  3. I’ll add in my own music for you next time slash

  4. Deadlift is good. Still looked way too easy for you.

  5. Did you notice the DB that decided he needed to put his trap bar away when I was getting set up for the first lift?

  6. All Lifts Good!

  7. had to watch that bench a couple of times because the dude touched the bar. in my opinion he didn’t appear to apply enough pressure to add anything so i’m making the call all good lifts.

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