Name: SteamCrypt
Weight: 250lb
Age: 32
Sex: Male

A recovering Fat Ass of 300+lbs 9 months ago with Inguinal hernia, to a deadlifting beast of today.

1st: 455lb

Bench Press:
1st: 245lb

Why is it that I get the Squirly 60 year old heroin addict chick in my video?!

1st: 365lb
2nd: 375lb


7 Responses to “SteamCrypt”

  1. that’s the best you got? Oh well. Good Lift.

  2. Deadlift attempt 1 blows. Never should have jumped to 525lb right after.

  3. Good, easy lift.

  4. Looked way too easy.

  5. Good bench. looked easy

  6. deadlift, bench, and 365 first squat are good. bar travelled backwards on the 375… gotta say no lift.

  7. Well our rules do say no backward travel, and that was backward travel. We’ll have to give you 365 for the squat.

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