Name: Squino
Weight: 180lb
Age: 25
Sex: Male

Squino is an avid gamer, programmer, and long board skater.  He leaves for a week to do nothing but play Diablo 3, we are talking NOTHING but Diablo 3, comes back and is throwing the hurt on his old PR’s.

As an added bonus we made sure as to add in the curl bros in their natural environment behind Squino.

1st: 385lb

Bench Press:
1st: 185lb
2nd: 205lb
3rd: 215lb

1st: 255lb


9 Responses to “Squino”

  1. despite the elvis leg things you had going on there… lift is good. DL – 385

  2. Deadlift looks good. I think you need to work on the ham strings since they were obviously very mad at you in this video. Nice Job Man!

  3. Good lift.

  4. Good Bench Press. Nice job man!

  5. Good lift on bench, nice job.

  6. all lifts good! nice job.

  7. Squat looks good too.

  8. All Lift Good.

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