Weight: 232lb
Age: 23
Sex Male

SpraynardK, as pictured above doing his best Wolverine impression, is one of the youngest doing the Virtual Meet.  I wish I looked like that at 23. 🙂

Warmup: 225lb
1st: 405lb
2nd: 455lb
3rd: 485lb


Bench Press:
1st: 335lb
2nd: 345lb

1st: 395lb
2nd: 405lb
3rd: 405lb


8 Responses to “SpraynardK”

  1. LIFT IS GOOD – 485!

  2. Good lift. Next time try to move the camera a little less. I think I had a stroke watching the setup.

  3. Lift is Good! Nice job!

  4. Thanks all! And yes, my apologies for the camera setup. I was not on my computer when I posted the video, and the laptop I was using took 30min just to put the clips in sequence, so editing would have been a pain. The next vids will be edited.

  5. 485 dead, 335 bench, 405 squat. It’s a good thing you took a second attempt at 405, first was not to depth.

    • Yep, I could tell as soon as I got it up the first time that I should have gotten lower. I think I think about it too much and psyche myself out on high weights and end up going to shallow or deeper than I need to instead of trusting my form. Thanks for putting this thing together guys, it has been a lot of fun!

  6. All Lifts are good!

  7. i agree on the first squat but the 405 is good!

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