Name: Ganesha303
Weight: 224lb
Age: 40
Sex: Male

Ganesha303 is only competing in the Bench and Deadlift.  He is battling a knee injury that inhibits him from squatting…I think he is lying…LOL.

1st 220lbs.
2nd 225lbs.

1st: 245lb
2nd: 265lb

3 Responses to “Ganesha303”

  1. Bench Press 1 – GOOD – 220
    Bench Press 2 – GOOD – 225
    Deadlift 1 – GOOD – 245 (Would like to see a bit more pause at the lockout)
    Deadlift 2 – GOOD – 265 (last deadlift of the video. strong, noticeable lockout at the top.)

    TOTAL – 490

  2. I agree with Slash. On the deadlifts I would have liked to see more weight and your feet.

  3. Good on all lifts. Put some weight on those dead lifts already.

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