Consistent_C (A.K.A Stupee)

Name: Consistent_C (A.K.A Stupee)
Weight: 187lb
Age: 38
Sex: Male

Consistent_C used to be known as Stupee, then he was known as C___.  Regardless to what he is known as (or how disturbing his picture is) for a sub 200lb guy, he can pull his weight!

1st 319.7lb (145kg)
2nd 325 (147.5kg)
Bench Press:
1st 253.5 (115kg)
1st 396.8 (180kg)



6 Responses to “Consistent_C (A.K.A Stupee)”

  1. I saw all lifts as good. The second squat could have been lower but it looks like it hit parallel to me. That deadlift went up way too easy man…should have put more weight on it. 🙂

  2. Agreed. All lifts are good. the rules for this meet require a squat depth of AT or BELOW parallel. nice job man!

  3. squat 324.5
    bench 253
    deadlift 396

    total: 973.5

  4. Thanks guys, I get to add another rep to that workout then 🙂 Ran out of plates, hence the little plates stuck on the end. Considered gaffa taping some heavier standard plates on!

  5. Good lifts. What’s with the vanity mirror on the wall in front of your squat rack?

    • My sister was throwing out a mirror. I like to see if the bar is centred and my hair’s ok.

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