Name: ClarkConan
Weight: 206lb
Age: 26
Sex Male

ClarkConan is another one of the founding members and Admins of Train To be AWESOME.  A Musician, producer, Drug slinger(Suppliments is his business), plus he is a mad gamer!

1st: 345lb

Bench Press:
1st: 225lb

1st: 265lb


7 Responses to “ClarkConan”

  1. Good lifts. I was surprised by how tough the lockout looked on your dead lift. You might want to think about throwing in rack pulls to help with that.

  2. I will gladly modify my assistance work in my next training cycles to accommodate the difficulties prevalent in my maximum effort attempts. Any particular loading protocol you recommend?

  3. Rack pulls have helped my Deadlifts! So have heavy Stiff leg Deads, pedlay’s, and bent rear delt raises.

  4. 5×10? Work up to a heavy all out set? 4×12? Straps/no straps?
    I’ve been doing SLDL and bent rear delt raises. I’m definitely changing my training protocol for the next cycle+. Still doing 5/3/1, just changing the assistance.

  5. I’m typically a no straps guy, but there are a few lifts that I see them being ok. Heavy rack pulls are one of them. 4×8-10 is fine for those. IMO that should help the lockout become one motion.

  6. All Lifts are good!

  7. all good lifts! great job

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