Name: Atakin
Weight: 242lb
Age: 46
Sex: Male

Atakin is a scotch drinking, tire flipping, caber tossing, women stealing, Highland Gamer!  Ok I made up the woman stealing part but damn look at the size of his wood…





6 Responses to “Atakin”

  1. All Lifts Good! Nice Job!

  2. Thank you for not wearing the kilt on your bench. Lifts look good, it seems as if your deads and squats need more weight. I didn’t see much effort on those. Next time you video squats, set it up so we can see your feet. All three good lifts.

  3. I actually thought about wearing the kilt, lol. You’re right, I needed more weight on the bar. Didn’t feel good about taping the plates on that day since I had no spotter except for the dog. He doesn’t even lift. Even taping I could only get another 40 lbs on.

  4. great job! thinking i’m going to have to build me one of those racks 🙂

  5. I call the rack Frankenweider. The back half is a Weider home gym with 2 – 110 lb cable pull stations that I modified. The front half is added on with adjustable pins. Once I get a Oly bar it will be modified even more adding on plate storage, dip rack, GHR and safety bars.

  6. all good lifts!

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