Supplement Review: Whey Protein

 Funny Protein Powder

So I figured I would start doing some sort of supplement review since I have used a few.  I do not normally boast about the Protein powder I take since I usually see them as all the same,  but I have used two that I really like.

Muscle Milk Image

The first is Muscle Milk.  Now I know the die hard protein people are going to be all over this and say ON Whey is the best there is blah, blah, blah.  Honestly ON Whey is pretty good but it is strictly just Whey.  I like Muscle Milk because it has a bunch of things I want after a hard training session.  I am a big guy, 262lbs last weight in, so I am looking for a little bit more than 10g of protein.  Tim Kovach also introduced me to this awesome thing called Carb Cycling (different then Carb Backloading mind you) so I am trying to adhere to those rules too.  One of the major things I like about Muscle Milk is that it tastes freakin’ awesome.  I swear that if you add only water to this, you will still think you are drinking a damn shake.  That being said, I have been told that if you add a scoop of the Chocolate flavored to your coffee in the morning, it tastes awesome.  All that flavor comes at a price if you are a calorie cruncher…310 per 2 scoops.

Muscle Milk also has a crap load of vitamins and minerals as well as Carbs and fiber.  It really is a great mix if you can take the Calories.  I did a friendly competition with a guy I know for who had the largest squat I will save the suspense, I won.  The thing is that I had to warm-up to the weight, then hit it correctly (messed that up the first time), then of course try a heavier weight to see if I could do that.  I was toasted when it was over…I took 4 scoops of the Muscle Milk after the session, foam rolled, etc, and the next day I felt great…no soreness.  Mind you my diet was pretty piss poor at that time too.  I am not saying the Muscle Milk was the one who saved my legs, but it sure didn’t hurt.

tokkyo nutrition

The other Protein I use is Tokkyo Nutrition Protein.  No fancy name just plain old Whey Protein with the bonus of BCAA’s and Glutamine.  Now unlike Muscle Milk, Tokkyo Nutrition Protein is low calories…236 for 2 scoops…plus I have never used more than one scoop.  I have the Peanut Butter flavored and have to say it is pretty awesome.  It does not taste as good as the Muscle Milk but I do get the BCAA’s and Glutamine.

Ever since Tim came in 2nd at World in 175lb Strongman, I felt I need to up my game and actually get to a competition level.  I have upped my training big time and in return become very, very sore.  I have started taking the Tokkyo Protein after the sessions and I have to say, I feel pretty damn good.  It also fits my macros much better.

You know, the more I read the bottles of these two, there are so many minerals and vitamins in these things that if you want to know what there is in them, go to the website of each one.

I am going to give you a breakdown of the “Nutritional Highlights” here:


2 Scoops
Protein Carbs Fats Fiber Calories
Muscle Milk 32g 18g 12g 5g 310
Tokkyo Nutrition 44g 6g 4g 0g 236

I could not tell you which one is better but rather tell you that I personally use both and would recommend either.  I say try them both out.  If you do want to try Tokkyo Nutrition, Use “kovach” at checkout for 50% off your order.


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