Little changes, BIG CHANGES!!!

Yep kinda like that!

If you haven’t noticed, FriedMush is going through a bit of an overhaul. There are two major changes(with more on the way…hopefully).

The first being the way the site looks and damn does she look good! At the top of the page now, you can see at a glance the last four posts. If the top four isn’t enough for you, then scroll down a little and you will find the Recent Insanities A.K.A the last 10 posts. Also you do not have to scroll through all of the posts in their entirety, you get an abbreviated view for all you ADD people out there(myself included). Obviously if you want to read the whole thing then just click on the title of the post. The second thing, albeit not completed yet, is a revamping of the Categories and tags. Since the site is taking a bit of a different approach, I figured everything should be easy to find and labeled correctly.

FriedMush is going to be focusing more on Heavy Lifting(Powerlifting, Strongman, Highland Games, DIYS), Anything with a Motor, and weird obscure stuff I find amusing or interesting. I have enlisted the help and talents of two friends of mine, Slash and Tabascofr. Slash is a southern Powerlifter who knows his way around the bar but is just now actually competing(he has also dropped a huge amount of weight). Tabascofr is a Sponsored( who despite his vertical challengeness, is one strong guy(He has a 21″ neck). Sorry ladies, we are all taken. Between the three of us, we can build just about anything(yes…anything!) and have actual under the bar experience.

If you have anything you want to hear about, Please let us know. You can reach us at


~ by steamcrypt on September 13, 2012.

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