Liberty 2012 Strongman Contest Recap

To start this one out, I just want to say that the Illinois Strongman Association is a great group to be involved with in the world of strongman.  One of the things they do is have all the weights the same for all competitors so you have a weight class winner and an overall winner for each contest.  This adds an extra element to competing because it’s nice to see where you end up across the board.  Now let’s get on to the events of the day.

As I pulled up and was getting out of my car, another competitor approach me before I even had a chance  to close my door.  He said something like, “Hey man, it’s great to meet you.  I think you’re awesome and I’m going to name my next child after you”.  OK, maybe not.  He did however make mention that he recognized me from my sponsor and watched a bunch of my contest video.  He said he is impressed with my ability and looks forward to competing with me.  I don’t think I’m a big deal at all, but things like this give your ego a boost.  So now that the ego stroking is done, on to the first event.

First up is the max log press.  It’s pretty simple really.  You have 3 attempts to clean and press the log at any weight for 1 rep.  So traditionally you would pick an opener weight that you know you can press without a doubt.  Your second attempt would be something that is close to your max, and your third should be something that you may have hit before or slightly above.  The promoter(from here on out referred to as Tony) walked around to all the guys prior to the start to get their openers.  I settled on 215lbs.  As it turns out, my opener was heavier than any of my competitors max attempts.  I think these guys were playing it safe on this first event.  So I hit 215 with ease, jumped to 245 for my second attempt and hit that easily as well.  I decided on 265 for my final attempt because 260 is the current state record.  It was an easy clean but I couldn’t lock it out.  I had some time to I tried again but it just wouldn’t go.  Well, I got first in that event so I was happy.

Next up was the max truck dead lift.  It’s a side handle dead lift with the weight starting out at around 550lbs.  Same format as the max log above.  I looked at the list as Tony was getting everyone’s opener and decided on 632 for my open.  The week before I hit 660lbs on a silver dollar dead lift so I knew I could get this.  I hit my opener and jumped to 687 for an easy 2nd attempt.  With my 2nd attempt that gave me first for this event, but I wanted more.  I had him jump the weight to 742 for an easy pull…I should have gone heavier.

Third event is the tire toss.  It’s a 38lb truck tire you throw for distance.  I’ve never done this event before, but a friend of mine who does Highland Games showed me a technique to use.  Current record was 16’2″.  First toss went around 17′, cool a new record.  2nd toss was a bit over 18′.  Last toss everything felt right and the new state record is set at 21′ 2″.

The fourth event of the day was the keg carry.  All you have to do here is pick up a 220lb keg and carry 50′.  Set the keg down and grab the 260lb keg and carry it back to start.  Fastest time wins.  I was able to cover the course in 24.5 seconds.  First in this event too.

On to the final event, Atlas Stones.  The stones are loaded to a 48″ platform.  You have to start with the lightest stone and go up from there.  Stone weights were 240, 260, 300, 335,  and 360.  The current state record for this event in my weight class is 3 stones is a bit over 19 seconds.  So everyone starts getting ready for the stone loading.  Typically you put on a different set of shorts and shirt for this because once you get tacky on it, it ain’t coming off.  So I put my stone shorts and shirt on and notice almost everyone is taping up their forearms.  Bunch of sissies.  A little stone rash never hurt anyone.  So this was a fairly fast meet, and I know I’m feeling the fatigue.  I’m watching the other competitors go before me and they’re only getting the first two.  I know I can get the first 3, but I really want the 4th.  I work through the first 3 in 17.53 seconds(new state record) and set up for the 4th.  I grab the stone and start to lap it when the stone slips on my right forearm and tears away a bit of skin.  Well that sucks.  I look down at my hands and the tacky is full of dirt.  Shit.  Time is ticking down at this point and I don’t think I have time to re-tacky.  I try to lap the stone again, and it slipped out again just before I get it lapped.  I decided the 335 wasn’t going to get loaded today.

I finish the day with a first in every event in my weight class, so obviously first for 200lbs and under.  I also finished 3rd place overall.  So that means I beat everyone in 200 and under, everyone in 231 and under, and everyone in 265 and under…at a body weight of 195.  I also have 2 more IL state records.  I’d say it was a pretty good day, and I feel good going into my next contest.


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