Contest Recap For My First friedmush Post

Summertime always bring around festivals to celebrate summertime and in Minnesota we like to eat.  One of these festivals is called Rapids River Days.  There are many events that take place with live music and food.  One of these events is the Strongman Championships.  There are 5 different grueling events that take place in this contest and 4 weight classes.  The weight class I competed in is the under 200lb class.  At weigh in time I was given the list of competitors.  9 competitors in my weight class, and some pretty good names in there.  While going through my normal warm up routine I was mentally running through all of the events.  I felt pretty confident that I would compete well, but you really don’t know what your body is going to do until you start moving the weight.

First up was the farmers carry.  You pick up two implements, one in each hand, and walk as far as you can in 60 seconds.  Our farmers was 210lbs per hand.  Nothing like going for a leisure stroll with 420lbs in hand.  My grip gave out at around the 280′ mark and I couldn’t even pick the implements up anymore.  4th place in that event, and not a good start for me.

Next up is the Mega Dumbbell Press Medley.  These are huge dumbbells that must be pressed overhead with one hand and increase in weight.  The weights of the dumbbells were 110, 125, 140, 165, and a Thomas Inch Dumbbell(174).  I knew going in to this that I was good up to 150lbs, and my right arm is stronger than my left.  So I hit the 110 and 125 with my left in quick succession, and switched to my right for the 140.  All three went up with relative ease.  I got the 165 to my shoulder, and realized that a 25lb jump from the previous weight was a lot.  It turned out to be too much for me.  One other competitor his the 165, but I still took second in this event.

Third event of the day is the tire flip.  Now I don’t have any pics of me flipping the tire, but it’s not too hard to figure this event out.  They put a 650lb tire in front of you, and you have to flip it for 80′ or 60 seconds.  I flipped it the entire course in 60 seconds.  Good enough for third in this event.  Not quite what I was hoping for and this tire felt really heavy on this particular day.  I’m not sure why, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.


For the fourth event they decided to have a shield carry.  Basically it’s a 320lb chunk of steel that we had to pick up off the ground and walk with it as far as possible.  Most guys were hitting around the 100′ mark for this event.  The problem with the shield is that when carrying it, it kind of lays on your body and makes it hard to breath.  Not breathing and carrying 320lbs is a difficult task.  I was able to make 289′ for this one and good enough for second in this event.

Now I saw the point spread at this point and determined that the only way I would be able to get first in the contest is if for some strange reason the current first place holder got zero reps on the last event, the viking press.  Well that likely wasn’t going to happen, and I really only needed to get one rep to take a solid second.  It was the last event, and it would be kind of boring if I just went in there and pushed for one, so I went all out.  I hit my first 5 reps rather quickly, and had to push a bit for the 6th.  I brought the handles back down to my shoulders and tried for one more.  At the halfway point my body said, “This ain’t gonna happen”.  I brought the handles back down, at this point the weight was taking every piece of energy out of me just holding it there.  I decided to try for one more, and just didn’t have any more.  Walked away with second in that event, and a second place finish over all.  Not bad considering the guy that beat me once held his pro card in both light and heavyweight at the same time.  All in all it was a good day, and I picked up on some areas that I feel I need to train more.  On to the next contest.



~ by steamcrypt on June 27, 2012.

One Response to “Contest Recap For My First friedmush Post”

  1. Great write up and show of determination. After a “not a good start for me” to keep focused and plugging away at it shows character. The best part IMHO, is even though you only needed one rep for the lock you pushed it for max effort.

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