Train to be AWESOME!

Bat Vader MOFO!

Do you shave with a rusty knife? Eat your cereal with motor oil? Think cardio is unholy? Want less SUCK, but more AWESOME? Then Welcome! We do remove members for being stupid!

That is the question you get asked when you get invited to Fitocracy group Train to be AWESOME!  If you feel you have what it takes to hang with a group of people from every facet of sports (Not kidding these guys have Highland Gamers, marathon runners, Strongmen, rugby players, powerlifters and everything in between!) and life who want nothing more than to make everyone more awesome, Then join up!  I might be kind of biased as I am the owner of the group, but that doesn’t mean I run everything.  Nope…I have 3 admin that are neck deep in helping make everyone more Awesome…and they do a kick ass job at it.

Tabascofr is a Strongman competitor.  He is known as Capt. Awesome among many and deadlifts cars for fun.  He can come off as abrasive at first but it is just that he really is a nice guy.  He will help you with just about anything…except the BOSA ball.

Slash is currently in training for his first RAW Powerlifting meet.  He is representing the older side of TtbA but don’t let his age fool you, He is Old Man Strong!

Finally there is ClarkConan.  He is the ghost in the group but he knows his stuff.  Is is an avid weightlifter studying the 5/3/1 methods and he knows it well.

If we catch you doing are out of the group...NO QUESTIONS!

Obviously this group exists with-in Fitocracy.  Never heard of it?  The check it out here  No offense I am not doing a write up on a kick ass site…I am doing it on an AWESOME group and it’s members.  Oh there was a slight issue with Fitocracy as far as challenges we were allowed to give, they were limited…and mostly to cardio stuff.  So the Admins and I decided to make a group, one that held our ideas, How can we become more awesome and bring along awesome people and make them more awesome too?

In trying to make a strong group that was inclusive, supportive, and burned for participation, we ran into road blocks.  We were only allowed to run certain competitions, there wasn’t enough things for us to actually do and have mass participation in, so I went and made some editions to Friedmush and created that stuff. Sure it has it’s flukes and loose bolts here and there, but it is a work in progress.

On May 7th, we will start sign-ups for group members for our first Virtual Weightlifting meet!  This thing is going to Kick Ass!  We have set -up our own Youtube Channel TtbAwesome, our own email address,, and our own sports drink line.  Ok that last one isn’t true but maybe someday.

Yeah we are kinda like these guys...kinda.

This is going to start of something AWESOME! Thanks to all the members of the group for making it the best group ever! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!




~ by steamcrypt on May 2, 2012.

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