The Triumphant Return of FriedMush!

It was a pretty tough ride. Your ass would've hurt too!

Holy crap Batman, it has been a long time since I made a post on FriedMush!  I am sick of apologizing for my laziness sooo don’t ask.  🙂 Now, on to the good stuff…

I am back with a vengeance, after finding a new outlook on life with a renewed energy and attitude.  With that being said, I was thinking of this wonderful Winter we are having here in the Northeast US.  Last Winter, we had around 80+/- inches of snow…this year, we are at only 7+/-.  We had a huge blizzard in October that messed with my favorite holiday/anniversary Halloween.  The 2+ feet of snow that polluted our hallowed leaf ridden eve, does not count towards Winter, because it was in the FALL. Mind you, it melted the next day and we dealt with massive power outages for the next month, but I digress.  My kids were telling me the other morning that they wanted to go sledding and make snowmen.  I had to inform them that it was hard to do in 50 degree weather and no snow.

That got me thinking though, how can I spend time with the kids and be anywhere near as crafty as my wife is? (Read: impossible).  Then, I found a cool paper snowflake making craft.  An excerpt from it stated:

…you may need an Exacto knife for some of the designs

Sorry kids, this project has now become a ME project!  They are freakin’ STAR WARS themed snowflakes. You can get the templates HERE.  They are just way too cool not to try…not that I have yet, since apparently I procrastinate on everything (read: haven’t updated my blog in over a year).

Oh I see where the Exacto knife might come in handy.

So go and check out this pretty cool project.  Hey, even make a few for the kids (regardless of age – yes, I am looking at you 30 year old kid). Come on, I am 32 and dig these! Let me know how they turn out!


~ by steamcrypt on January 7, 2012.

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