WTF is wrong in this picture?

I was reading through some of my favorite sites the other day and came across this great article on Topless Robot.

I don't remember Nerds mentioned in the Bible

Apparently, the Westboro Baptist Church have a few f*ckin’ insane religious nuts whose previous escapades included but are not limited to:

  • Protesting Heath Ledger’s Funeral because he played a gay cowboy in one of his thousand movies.
  • Threatening to protest Ronnie James Dio’s Funeral because he was well, himself.
  • Running the website GodhatesAmerica dot com.  Because we all know we are the next Sodom.
  • Running the website Godhatesfags dot com.  I got nutten…

Are going to be protesting this years San Diego Comic Con(SDCC).   Here is what TR(Topless Robot) had to say:

Because, as we all know you can not dress as a comic book character, buy a toy of a comic book character, or read a story about a comic book character without worshiping that character as a god. It’s an impossibility to enjoy fiction without believing those characters are the creators of the universe which we must acknowledge through prayer and worship (I remember the time I was young and watching Sesame Street, and killed my pet rabbit in the name of Super Grover. Kids sacrifice the darnedest things!).

I highly recommend you head over to read the full article on this subject.  Don’t forget to read the comments, I think some of them are better than the article itself.


~ by steamcrypt on July 18, 2010.

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