Not Your Parents Disney Cartoons.

These pictures are AWESOME.  With that being said, they are a little on the risque side – artsy, but risque.  Now that I have that out of the way, onto the good stuff!

I came across these amazing drawings a couple of weeks ago.  My first thought was “Sh*t, how did I end up on one of those freaky Japanese hentai sites?”  Then, I realized there wasn’t enough tentacles, the girls still have shirts on, and the artwork was just way to good, professional, mainstream, <insert adjective here> for that stuff.  Plus you have to notice that they are not trying to kill anyone.  Not that I look at those sites mind you.  Nope, these drawings were done by acclaimed comic book artist J. Scott Campbell.  If the drawings look familiar in style, then you might want to look at Campbell’s earlier work of Danger girl and Gen 13.

Some amazing stuff huh?  Well if you like his stuff, he is now working with Marvel Comics on a special Spider-Man comic.  Let us not focus on what he has coming up, but let us look at what he is working on now…these sinful sketches are from the Fairy Tale Fantasy collection and are available as limited run prints.

And without further adieu…the rest of the pictures.


~ by steamcrypt on July 16, 2010.

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