Holy Paintings, Batman!

Christopher Uminga is a freakin’ genius!  He is the mastermind behind the paintings/drawings I am posting on here. I really like the way he paints everything so zombie like. His drawings have so much to say while truly being painted in a  surreal way.

I am an illustrator and a painter. I see monsters in my head and I put them on paper or canvas and let them play.This is my art;I paint and draw things that make me happy.

My favorite painting that I have posted has to be The Joker.  The absolute insanity Christopher portrays in his eyes is awesome.  The blood stained card and hands – exceptional!  Let us not forget he painted The Joker in true form to the original Joker in the Batman series, right down to his corsage.  What he paints is true new age masterpieces.

I know I posted mostly, OK, entirely comic book characters, but he also creates more than just that. If it goes bump in the night or possibly in the day, Christopher will paint it, hell he will even paint your insanities for a price.  If you want to check out more of his work or commission him to paint you a masterpiece, you can click here.  If you really like his stuff and want to have updates of what he is doing you can befriend him on FaceBook here.  Oh, and if you want to get updates from me on FaceBook, click here.  I know…shameless plug.


~ by steamcrypt on July 8, 2010.

One Response to “Holy Paintings, Batman!”

  1. Well, not really into zombies, but have to admit there is some real talent here.

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