Gamer Geekdom!

I don’t usually post video game related info here, but there are some really sick games coming out soon that I just have to share. I have even been a nice guy and added videos… you’re welcome.  So, here is the first post!

Rock Band 3

You’re damn right I’m looking forward to this game!  I originally bought Rock Band as a social game. You know, to try and invite paid-off people off the street my friends over to have some fun and drink some liquid refreshments.  That kinda backfired, and I was reduced to playing it with my family instead.  Who knew that a 4-year old could rock so hard on a drum kit?
But, with all the new features they added to the new Rock Band, it’s hard not to get all stoked about it!  Here’s a short list of the coolest things that it does:

  • It allows for 7 people to play at once… that’s vocals, two harmony vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and now keyboard!  The keyboard even allows you to wear it as a guitar or use it as a regular keyboard.
  • It has PRO mode!!!  This is by FAR the coolest addition!  PRO mode is, well, actually, just read this from Rockstar Game: “Go Pro. Take your passion for music to the next level: “Rock Band Pro” lets you develop real musical instrument skills through gameplay! Pro Drums supports three expansion cymbals for more accurate drum set simulation. Pro Keys features pitch-accurate keyboard performance. Pro Guitar—the flagship of the RB Pro initiative—features realistic guitar and bass performance, utilizing the new “Mustang Pro” simulated guitar controller. Additionally, Harmonix is working with professionals in the music industry to deliver to players a real electric guitar controller.”  That’s right folks, a real guitar.  Fender has actually signed on to create that guitar!

So, there you have it. Rock Band 3 is going to kick ass!!!  Oh, and here’s the video.


~ by steamcrypt on June 11, 2010.

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  1. Your enthusiasm alone gets me interested. Great review.

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