42 a.k.a Towel Day! Geek Day too!

Please, all follow the words above.  Just take your towel and lay down.  Yes today is a double day.  It is International Towel Day and International Geek Day.  Now that I think about it, they really do go hand in hand.

Towel Day really is the embracing all of the incredible writings of Douglas Adams.  If you don’t know who Douglas Adams is, then get the hell out of here and Google it (I will save you the time, he wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, plus a few more).  Douglas Adams made multiple appearances on Monty Python along with writing 3 episodes of Dr. Who in it’s 17th season, 1979.  Those episodes are The Pirate Planet, City of Death, and Shada.

There is a theory which states that if ever for any reason anyone discovers what exactly the Universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another that states that this has already happened. – Douglas Adams

Some great Douglas Adams links:

Geek Day is the embracing of all things from Geekdom!  Go on and dress like Lobo, Speak like Worf, kick back and watch FireFly for the 500th time, or catch up on those comic books that you have been slipping on.  If you are not a Geek yourself, go give your appreciation towards one you know, we do live a rather thankless working existence.

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~ by steamcrypt on May 25, 2010.

One Response to “42 a.k.a Towel Day! Geek Day too!”

  1. I’ll be passing on my geek love to you, my favorite geek, thank you very much. Happy towel day.

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