Everyone Loves iGoogle Gadgets!!

So I know this guy who owns this website that is like social bookmarking on crack and he has created this awesome new Google Gadget.  The name of the site is TagFoot and it rocks!  Now those of you who have been reading this blog or those of you poor unfortunet souls who know me in real life, know that I am not one to promote other peoples sites unless they they do one of two things.

1) They pay me.  In this case I would love anything depending on how much they want to give me.

2) The site really kicks ass and they never asked for anything. AKA I do it for free and hope I get some good Karma.

In this case it is the latter of the two.  Scott is the coder/guru of the ‘Foot and has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into this thing.  It isn’t really the bookmarking aspect of the site that makes it rock, it is the personal interaction with some of the greatest people from around the world not to mention Scott is right there in the mix with everyone else.

Anyways now that I am done inflating Tagfoot’s social ego, it has come out with an incredible iGoogle Gadget.  Everything on Tagfoot is set-up with Tags, yeah I know big surprise every site is set-up that way now.  True but what Scott did was make a gadget that actually goes out and grabs every article that has a related tag on the site and give you a nice brief synopsis of it with a hyperlink to the actual article itself.  See now how did you ever live with out it before?  Check out below for some pictures of the tool in action!

Click here to sign-up with Tagfoot.


~ by steamcrypt on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Everyone Loves iGoogle Gadgets!!”

  1. Yo Mike! It’s Scott. Yep, that one. Thanks for the props bro but… it’s really on you Man. You’re the driving force. You and the rest of the feets. You know it. I’m just the facilitator.

    Thanks so much for hangin’ man. All of us at tagfoot are thrilled to have you there – you and Spins brought it hard core and we love it.

    Now… go chop somethin’s head off.

  2. I could not agree more. Tagfoot Rocks!! And I have never known anyone work as hard in behalf of his site and his members as Scott Does. And this new igoogle widget is hot!!

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