Take what yeh can… Give it all to me.

Everybody loves pirates… well except those on the recieving end of piracy, but I am willing to bet that some of them, dare I say MOST of them (gasp!) took a step back afterward and thought “Zowwie!  I just got robbed by a Pirate!  Neat!”.
Now, when I speak of Pirates, I am of course referring to the ones we truly love.  The romance, the honor, the swords clanging on the deck of a ship in battle, cannons, parrots, black powder guns, peg legs and fancy hats.  Not these generic terrorists-who-stole-a-boat types with their fancy automatic guns and their RPGs (which I have never heard of.  They could at least bring a long Elder Scrolls, D&D, Ravenloft, or dare I say… Chrono Trigger?!).  Hell, not one of them wears a fancy hat!

So, a long time ago, around July, Middlesex Village Trading Company, a current dealer for black powder firearms posted a notice for a video contest and hundreds of thousands of millions of people responded with billions of video entries.  BILLIONS I SAY!  (shock!)  Below you will find the entry that yours truly had a hand in creating and filming.  You can’t really see me because I’m the one hiding in the puddle holding the treasure down.  I can hold my breath for a really long time.  Just like a Llama.

So check out the video and if you like it, click the little vote button below it and submit via your email.  Take note that you can vote once per email address.  Wink wink.  Nudge Nudge.  Hint Hint.  (Threaten!  GASP!)


If you so desire to view the other 14 TRILLION movies, you can find them here.  CLICK ME!



~ by steamcrypt on October 9, 2009.

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