Please Scare Me

The newest movie to receive the tag of “scary” and other variations of word comes out to quite a few theaters today. Taking its work to a level similar to that of Diary of the Dead, Cloverfield and Blair Witch, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY uses the style of home video footage to bring you a raw and grainy film experience.
I was not one of the fortunate to see the screening, but Annalee Newitz over at had this quote after her viewing.

“At the theater where I watched a preview of Paranormal Activity last night, somebody ran out of the auditorium and threw up. It was that scary. And the most terrifying part isn’t what’s “paranormal” – it’s the normal, everyday realism.”

Check it out.  It looks like I’ll need to head toward Boston or Danvers to see it myself.

I really hope this thing scares me. No one else has stepped up to the challenge.


~ by steamcrypt on October 9, 2009.

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