Architecture: It can be a lot like interpretive dance.

So, I’d like to take a moment to talk about “Architecture”.  Out in this world of ours there are “people” who like to design buildings.  Some of these structures are amazing, awe-inspiring and just down-right neato.  Go ahead, do a Google search for bizarre architecture or structures (and not “Bizarre Erected Structures” or you might end up with a photo of Ron Jeremy dressed as the Eiffel Tower something bad.)

I could post a bunch of weird buildings here, but the adventure wouldn’t be there for, and hell, I’m just lazy.  Most of these oddities lie in either Dubai or China.  In one case you can find two oddities together…

This is the “Birds Nest”…

The Toilet of Silent Hill

The Toilet of Silent Hill

and this is the “Water Cube”…

Artisitc Architecture... a big blue square.

Artisitc Architecture... a big blue square.

Or… if we combine them like a horrible Power Ranger, we can have this…

Lady Gaga and her Sponge of Crazy

Lady Gaga and her Sponge of Crazy

Contrary to popular belief, Lady Crazy Face is NOT a form of architecture (nor is she Art either)… but if we disregard the nightmare I have just instilled upon all of you and ignore the lady with the birds nest on her face (do you think the keeps the eggs warm?), we can move and look at…. THIS

What the hell am I looking at?

What the hell am I looking at?

That’s right folks.  Gawk.  Stare.  Glaze your eyes over.  Tilt your head in confusement… is that a word?  (It is now!  Screw you Webster!  …Never liked Emmanuel Lewis anyway)

This is the new stadium being built in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics…  Winter… Olympics… in Russia…
The new stadium, designed by Populous, will hold 40,000 (frozen) fans and the crystalline canopy will provide the much desired shade from the over-bearing heat of Russia’s Winter months (which I believe is September- June).  Populous senior principal John Barrow said “It’s sweeping form responds to both its coastal location and mountainous backdrop, whilst its crystalline skin engages with its surroundings by day, and provides an iconic representation of the colour and spectacle of the games when illuminated at night.”

Wow… how long do you think it took to write THAT synopsis?  I bet that’s an expensive explanation.  And really, how often do you get to use the word “whilst”.  It’s like “Ye” but worth more points in scrabble.
My description would have been more simple and honest.  “I designed the stadium to resemble a loaf of bread made out of stained glass.”

So we have an open roof with a glass crystalline canopy built in Russia, near the mountains, for the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Considering we are nearing 2010, I am thinking they should probably stop discussing concept designs and actually build it.

Preferably with a large heating system.


~ by steamcrypt on October 8, 2009.

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