So that’s what they call a resume.

Holy Crap, I have seen a lot of resumes in my life along with writing a few, and have never seen anything like these.  I am a computer geek, with this title back in the 90’s to get a decent job you had to stand out from the crowd in some way or another.  I chose tattoos and big holes in my ears while others I knew chose purple hair and “slacker” type clothing.  Yes mine was the more permanent but damn it I still love them, even the holes in my ears that I can put my pinkie in.  With that being said apparently to be an insane graphic designer you have to do the same today.  They just choose to do it in a less scary way, like making their resumes impossible to read but man does it look sick!

Take a look at the few examples I have here  then follow the jump on the bottom of the page for around 28 more.

Source: Web Designer Depot


~ by steamcrypt on September 29, 2009.

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