Shameless plugging!!! Pesky J Nixon


Ok…So this is a band from a good friend of mine – hence the Shameless Plug.  Pesky J Nixon is a Folk band (yes, I said Folk). Personally, I really like to listen to the most eclectic mix of music you can imagine.  We are talking about Les Claypool to Bach to Cradle of Filth to Hed P.E but I was never one for folk or country.  So for me to say I really like Pesky’s stuff is just…weird. Ethan gets extra respect, due to the fact he has to deal with me on a daily basis because we work together.  I am in a nice mood right now so I am going to include their music player too.  Check out their site and buy a few tickets to go see them in person (something I have yet to do, but hey…he hasn’t visited me yet either). They are a damn good time!

Source: Pesky J Nixon


~ by steamcrypt on September 28, 2009.

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