Spooky World joins forces with Nightmare New England…


…and with their power’s combined, they better make something a hell of a lot scarier than Captain Planet.  Although his little red hooker shorts were pretty creepy in their own right.captain-planet

I see you staring as his “Planeteers”… Perv.

Anyway, it would seem that the kingdom of Spooky World has fallen as Nightmare New England, a new-comer to the Haunt world (arriving just two years ago in Litchfield, NH) has officially taken the crown and is now rated as “One of Americas Best Haunts”.  I’d tip my hat in a congratulatory fashion but the green dye isn’t dry yet. =p

Here’s the Official Press Release:

— ‘America’s Best Haunts’ reveals list of 12 eerie elite for best scare tactics in U.S. —

Litchfield, N.H. (August 11, 2009) . . . Ranked as one of the best fright factories in the U.S., Nightmare New England made the 2009 list of top haunts revealed by America’s Best Haunts, the nation’s eminent authority on thrill attractions. America’s Best Haunts (www.americasbesthaunts.com) evaluated haunted attractions from coast to coast to select 12 of the best of the best to wear its coveted seal.
Nightmare New England has delivered the scares since 2008 as the premier
Haunted attraction in the region. Nightmare New England is a massive 20-acre Halloween Scream Park located at Funway Park in Litchfield, NH.
This year, the legendary SpookyWorld joins Nightmare New England to forge one of the largest and most terrifying Halloween Scream Parks in the country! The scale and variety of this mega-park offers something to thrill even the boldest of Halloween fanatics. Nightmare New England and SpookyWorld will feature seven terrifying haunted attractions at one location. Resident Director of Operations, Mike Krausert, a Haunt Industry veteran and vice-president of the International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA), has a special message for guests: “Every haunt is designed for maximum intensity and thrills.” With over a million dollars invested in animatronics, props, costumes and special effects, Krausert warns, “don’t expect to catch a breather here!”

“We are honored to be named one of America’s best and will wear the 2009 seal with pride,” Our customers recognize our efforts, and it is gratifying to know America’s Best Haunts did too.” says Krausert.
A panel of thrill park industry experts’ thoroughly evaluated top haunts from across the U.S. before bestowing the honor to this year’s eerie elite. Each attraction was judged on creepy criteria including special effects, marketing, consumer value, design, actor ability, fear factor and safety.
“Our team of haunt experts takes their jobs seriously when it comes to naming America’s best,” said Steve Kopelman of America’s Best Haunts. “With 26 million Americans screaming for more fright and more thrills, only the most sophisticated attractions earn the right to wear our seal of approval.”

I will warn you now.  The price tag is a bit steep, raking in a hefty $29.99 a head and a morbidly obese $49.99 if you feel like being called a VIP (Vastly Inappropriate Pop-tart), skipping all the lines and trying to forget the fact that you just dropped 20 dollars more than everyone else because yer an impatient prick patron.  Oh, and no costumes allowed except for on Halloween.
…Seriously?  You mean I only get to wear THIS once this year??

An inside source informed me that Spooky World actors have been told to be more and more tame each passing year, but now with NNE (Nightmare New England… not Nine Naughty Elves… that’s a whole other theme park) at the reigns, the proverbial chains have been cut and the actors were told to “make sure the crowd goes home traumatized.”

So there you go kids, you’ve been warned.  Captain Planet is making a come back.

captain-planet 3 block


Source:  Nightmare New England/ Spooky World


~ by steamcrypt on September 9, 2009.

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