OH Yes…”There Will Be Brawl”!!!

There Will Be Brawl

Now I know what you must be thinking right now and now this does not suck like every other fan made video.  These guys are gamers…Hard Core Gamers.  They know their classic and newer Nintendo games and characters.  The actors in this are really that…Actors.

Let me paint a picture for you.  Think of Sin City, the movie not the comic.  Remember how dark and seedy it was?  Think of gang violence with drugs and sex and murder.  Now you have a vision of what this series is all about.  It is set-up in a 9 part mini-series.  Yes, Mario and Luigi are the main characters but thank God they do not have the annoying overkill accents.  Luigi and Mario sell Drugs, Mushrooms, out of their home.  There are 4 Mafia Dons that run the city, Princess Peach is in charge but is sleeping with Mario and Luigi without Mario knowing.

Man This thing has it all!  After watching the first 16 minute video I was hooked.  Each video is around 14 minutes long and worth every minute of it.  Hit the jump below to watch the first 7 of the series.  I promise you it is worth it.

Oh yeah…I never claimed to be a family friendly site but I usually keep everything tame and will now include this lovely disclaimer.


You have been warned.

Source:  There Will Be Brawl


~ by steamcrypt on September 8, 2009.

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