It’s a Bird, a plane, No it’s a Bulbdial Clock?

bulbdial clock

When I first came across this clock I was like, “No way…that can’t keep time let alone be able to read the damn thing”.  Then the more I studied how it worked and was made I realized that as long as the sun isn’t shining right on it it would be fine.  Here is an excerpt from the Evil Mad Scientist lab blog.

That’s like a sundial, but with better resolution– not just an hour hand, but a minute and second hand as well, each given as a shadow from moving artificial light sources (bulbs).

We’ve recently put together a working bulbdial clock, with an implementation somewhat different from that of the original concept.

And put together a new concept they did.  If you follow the jump at the bottom of this post you will see exactly how to make your own Bulbdial Clock.  I plan on building one of these myself.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories


~ by steamcrypt on August 29, 2009.

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