Supplement Review: Whey Protein

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 Funny Protein Powder

So I figured I would start doing some sort of supplement review since I have used a few.  I do not normally boast about the Protein powder I take since I usually see them as all the same,  but I have used two that I really like.

Muscle Milk Image

The first is Muscle Milk.  Now I know the die hard protein people are going to be all over this and say ON Whey is the best there is blah, blah, blah.  Honestly ON Whey is pretty good but it is strictly just Whey.  I like Muscle Milk because it has a bunch of things I want after a hard training session.  I am a big guy, 262lbs last weight in, so I am looking for a little bit more than 10g of protein.  Tim Kovach also introduced me to this awesome thing called Carb Cycling (different then Carb Backloading mind you) so I am trying to adhere to those rules too.  One of the major things I like about Muscle Milk is that it tastes freakin’ awesome.  I swear that if you add only water to this, you will still think you are drinking a damn shake.  That being said, I have been told that if you add a scoop of the Chocolate flavored to your coffee in the morning, it tastes awesome.  All that flavor comes at a price if you are a calorie cruncher…310 per 2 scoops.

Muscle Milk also has a crap load of vitamins and minerals as well as Carbs and fiber.  It really is a great mix if you can take the Calories.  I did a friendly competition with a guy I know for who had the largest squat I will save the suspense, I won.  The thing is that I had to warm-up to the weight, then hit it correctly (messed that up the first time), then of course try a heavier weight to see if I could do that.  I was toasted when it was over…I took 4 scoops of the Muscle Milk after the session, foam rolled, etc, and the next day I felt great…no soreness.  Mind you my diet was pretty piss poor at that time too.  I am not saying the Muscle Milk was the one who saved my legs, but it sure didn’t hurt.

tokkyo nutrition

The other Protein I use is Tokkyo Nutrition Protein.  No fancy name just plain old Whey Protein with the bonus of BCAA’s and Glutamine.  Now unlike Muscle Milk, Tokkyo Nutrition Protein is low calories…236 for 2 scoops…plus I have never used more than one scoop.  I have the Peanut Butter flavored and have to say it is pretty awesome.  It does not taste as good as the Muscle Milk but I do get the BCAA’s and Glutamine.

Ever since Tim came in 2nd at World in 175lb Strongman, I felt I need to up my game and actually get to a competition level.  I have upped my training big time and in return become very, very sore.  I have started taking the Tokkyo Protein after the sessions and I have to say, I feel pretty damn good.  It also fits my macros much better.

You know, the more I read the bottles of these two, there are so many minerals and vitamins in these things that if you want to know what there is in them, go to the website of each one.

I am going to give you a breakdown of the “Nutritional Highlights” here:


2 Scoops
Protein Carbs Fats Fiber Calories
Muscle Milk 32g 18g 12g 5g 310
Tokkyo Nutrition 44g 6g 4g 0g 236

I could not tell you which one is better but rather tell you that I personally use both and would recommend either.  I say try them both out.  If you do want to try Tokkyo Nutrition, Use “kovach” at checkout for 50% off your order.


2013 ASC Strongman Fitness World Championships Contest Recap

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Let’s start back at the beginning on this.  I normally compete in strongman in either the 200 or 231lb weight class.  I qualified to compete in the National Championships in June 2012 and decided I’m going to make the trip and compete.  Once the entry form for Nationals was posted, I noticed something kind of special about it.  They were calling the 175lb weight class “Strongman Fitness”.  Then I noticed that the top 4 Strongman Fitness competitors received an invitation to the World Championships at the Arnold Fitness Expo and Sports Festival(from here on out I think we’ll just call it The Arnold).  So I set a goal.  I wanted to be in that top 4 at Nationals and compete at The Arnold.  Skipping ahead through the boring stuff, I made weight and finished 3rd at Nationals.  The day before the national contest, they announced top 10 would get the invite to the Arnold, so that took some pressure off.  The Arnold is a 2 day contest.  However, only the top 4 competitors from day one would move on to day 2 and compete on the main stage.

Top 4

We had 4 months to prepare for the Arnold.  Oh, and that was over the holidays as well.  Try to maintain weight during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I planned to start my weight cut Jan 1st.  This time it was much harder.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I worked my ass off for those two months.  A few days out from weigh ins I started my water manipulation and contest prep diet. Weigh ins were Thursday and got in the car for the drive Wednesday morning.  I weighed 183 Wednesday morning, so I needed 8 lbs in 24 hrs.  After 10 hrs in the car, my coach(training partner) wanted to stop so he and his wife could grab some chow.  I decided that would be a good time to check my weight.  I went into the bathroom of a subway, stripped down and stepped on the scale.  Somehow in traveling, the scale broke.  Awesome.  So now we’re scrambling to fine a store with a scale.  We ended up in a Walmart on the border of Ohio.  I bought the scale and headed straight to the bathroom to weigh in.  My coach wanted to take pics, because how many people check their weight in their undies in a Walmart bathroom?  It was a first for me.  178lbs, not bad.  We drove a bit more and go to a very nice $40/night hotel about 1.5hrs away from Columbus.  I did some water dropping techniques I’ll cover in a different article and went to bed.  Woke up at 176lbs.  We then drove straight to the weigh in site were I stepped on the scale at 173.  10lbs in 24 hours is a pretty good cut, now it’s time to refuel and rehydrate.

I woke up the day of the contest and decided to step on the scale.  186lbs, that’s perfect.  Had some breakfast and headed straight to the contest.  First event of the day was the 225# Axle clean and press for reps.  I was in one of the last heats to go so I was able to watch what everybody else was doing.  I didn’t pay too close attention to the number of reps guys were getting because I just wanted to focus on what I was doing.  The guy that went before me passed by me and said, “Good luck, that bar is slick.  It still has oil on it from shipping”.  Great, sounds fun.  Anyway I went in and hit 6 reps with some really ugly cleans.  But 6 reps was good enough for 3rd.

Next event was the 630lb yoke walk/680lb prowler push medley.  This was the event most people were nervous about because the floor was very slick.  You have to carry the yoke 50′, then sprint back and push the prowler that same 50′.  I was first to carry the yoke and make it back down to the prowler.  The yoke just felt good and is one of my better events.  As I started to push the prowler and get it in motion, my feet started to slip on the floor.  Shit.  What started as an amazing time fell quickly and finished in 6th on this event.  I was pretty pissed.

Up next was the event I really love, the dead lift medley.  In this medley we had to pull a 435lb axle, 585lb barbell, 730lb frame, and a car for reps.  Sounds like a lot of fun.  Most of the guys were pulling on their dead lift suits and curiously asking me where my suit was to which I would answer, “I don’t really need one”.  I watched the other guys go ahead of me and I was surprised at how many of these 175lb athletes could pull the 585 barbell.  These guys were pulling 3x their own bodyweight, that’s pretty impressive.  So now it’s my turn.  I hit the 435 axle with ease, step up to the barbell and start the pull.  I started with it too far away from my body, but by the time I realized it I wasn’t going to start the pull over so I just ground it out for a very slow pull.  On to the 730 frame.  That felt like nothing, I wish it was heavier.  I stepped up to the start and just started pulling my ass off.  I hit 15 reps by the time they called time.  It felt really good.  I finished 4th in that event.

car dl 1

How it’s time for the giant wheelbarrow load and carry.  They added 200lbs to the handles of the wheelbarrow for more fun.  So we had a 175lb sandbag to carry 75′ and load, a 230lb keg to carry 50′ and load, then a 250lb keg to carry 25′ and load.  After this we had to take that wheelbarrow back the full 75′.  I was in the final heat of the day.  One competitor in the heat before us had an amazing time.  So out of the 4 of us who were points leaders, the guy who came in last would not make it to day 2.  This event was chaos.  One competitor went off the course, I was neck and neck with the guy next to me and we almost crashed.  I slipped toward the end and dropped the wheelbarrow.  I tried to regain control and pick it up again but I still go a 2 second slide penalty from Magnus Ver Magnusson.  After much weighting for the results because nobody knew what the hell was going on with how the event ended, I would up in 3rd place at the end of the day.  Woohoo, I move on to day 2 and the main stage only 3.5 points out of first.


Day 2, holy shit I actually made it.  They called us each and introduced us out on the main stage.  I walked out there and took a look at the group.  There are a lot of people out there.  That is easily the largest crowd I ever competed in front of.  I went back and hit some warm up set of the first event, the 140# dumbbell.  This isn’t your regular dumbbell though.  11″ bells and a 3″ handle for all your one arm pressing fun.  I went out there and hit 5 reps.  I wanted more, but that was still good enough for 2nd in that event.

140 Dumbbell

Next up was the H-stone for distance.  It’s a 300lb steel “stone” that you pick up off the ground and carry it for distance.  I have been hitting close to 300′ in this event, but only managed 228′ here.  I was NOT happy with that.

h stone

Last event of this entire contest was my favorite, 240lb stone load over a 52″ bar for reps.  I’ve never been beat in this event, so I felt pretty good going in to it.  At this point I had a solid 2nd place and no chance at first.  I just couldn’t fuck up.  We went two at a time on this one.  The two guys before me each hit 10 reps.  Holy shit they brought it and surprised the hell out of me.  Now it’s my time to go.  They blow the whistle and I’m off.  For each time I dropped my stone I heard the other competitors stone drop.  I’m pretty sure we were tied up until the 7th rep.  Rep 7 I had it up on my chest and something happened.  Pain and tightness fired up in my low back and I dropped the stone.  I yelled in my head “YOU DON”T HAVE TIME TO BE HURT, SUCK IT UP!!!”.  I managed to hit 4 more reps after dropping another one to finish with 11.  12 reps won the event.

stone load 4

End result of this 2 day contest weekend:  Tim Kovach Runner Up in the 2013 ASC Strongman Fitness World Championships.  I have to say, out of all I put myself through I feel pretty good about this whole experience and look forward to doing it again next year.  You can watch my entire contest video here:


New Year’s Gym Resolutioners

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A new year is upon us and that can only mean one thing… droves of newbies will swarm to the gyms like locusts.

If you happen to be among them, here are some simple rules that will make you less annoying to those of us who will still be there in March.

  1. Pay attention and stay out of the way. You are not the only person there and chances are if you bump into someone when they are lifting you will become the focus of their rage.
  2. Put your fucking weights back when you’re done with them. Nobody wants to be stepping over your shit.
  3. If the gym is crowded, super setting doesn’t work. Don’t be the dick that ties up multiple machines and benches. Other people are trying to get some work in too.
  4. Go somewhere else to text. If you’re able to text while doing your crunches you’re just wasting space.
  5. Stay the fuck out of the squat rack unless you’re actually going to SQUAT (OHPs are acceptable as well. BICEP CURLS ARE NOT)
  6. If you’re taking a class, you are most likely in the spot of someone who has been there for a while. (That one is for my wife!)
  7. Don’t be a creeper. Nuff said.
  8. If you must chat, do it somewhere else.
  9. Before moving in on a piece of equipment, take a moment to see if there are any signs of it being in use. Perhaps even ask.
  10. Clean up your sweat puddle.
  11. If you are grunting you better be moving some impressive weight. If you are new to the gym – you’re not moving some impressive weight so shut up.
  12. No one cares if your shoes match your outfit.

Many people are intimidated by gyms and gym culture but most would find that it’s usually a fairly open and supportive community. Everybody has to start somewhere and every regular was once a newb. If you pay attention to your surroundings, check the ego at the door, and are willing to learn you will be fine. It’s the ones who blow through like they own the place but clearly have no experience that really gets under everyone’s skin.
Year after year there is an influx of new members that come in and take over the place but come February, most of them are gone. If you’re still there in March, you’re working hard and not being a dumbass, people will notice and you will earn respect and the right to be annoyed by the newbs next year.


Larvae infested Clif Bar or Homemade

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So I found this great picture of a Clif Bar infested by Moth Larvae.  I will give you a minute for that to sink in.  I try to live a life of home made this and that but with a full time job that runs into home life, my wonderful wife who runs her own company and two little boys(plus animals too), we don’t have a lot of free time.  After seeing this pic though, I am so glad I found a killer way to make your own Clif type bars at home(more on that later).

So, you remember those pics I talked about?  Here feast your eyes!

Holy Crap that is bonus Protein people!

Holy Crap that is bonus Protein people!

If you like it, you can see more on the bottom.

Now if you want to make your own goodness infused homemade Clif type bars that look like THIS,

then head over to my Pinterest board to find it.


Carb Cycling for the beginner

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OK, to start this out let me say one thing:  this is by no means the definitive guide to carbohydrate cycling.  I’m putting this together for any readers who may want to try it and explore the possibilities of this approach to a body recomp.  This is very, very basic.  Carb cycling has been around for a long time, and there are many ways to go about it.  What I’m going to attempt to do here is provide a crash course to get you started.  This diet approach can be used indefinitely, you just have to tweak numbers to fit your goals.  The basic goal to carb cycling is drop fat, and increase strength, but you can use it for lean bulking as well.  Right now I am currently in the middle of my carb cycling/contest cut for strongman nationals.  I’ve managed to drop from 200lbs to under 185 currently and zero noticeable loss in strength.  Let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this whole thing.


You break your daily diet into 3 different days.  These three days are basically low carb, regular carb, and high carb.  Now I’m a man.  That means I like meat.  If you’re reading this and think you’re a man but don’t like meat very much, check your pants because you’re probably missing some critical plumbing required of men.  You cycle through these days during the week.  Typically you would do a low carb day on a non training day, a high carb day on a hard training day like squats or deads, and the normal carb day works pretty good for upper body days.  If you don’t have a day that you squat or dead lift, please see the same info on meat eating if you’re a man.  If you’re a woman however, please see the pic.  If your harder days are the days you bench and curl in the squat rack, you’re doing it wrong.


Let’s talk about the days.  When I say low carb, I mean low carb.  Processed carbs should be zero.  Actually you should limit your intake of them anyway, but we’re human.  Two or three days out of the week shouldn’t be too difficult to not eat bread or pasta.  My low carb days I only eat veggies for my carb source.  I’m easily under 50g of carbs on these days and probably closer to 30g.  This isn’t an exact science, you’ll have to figure out what works best for you.


Normal carb days are how you should normally be eating.  Don’t start packing in donuts and spaghetti on this day.  Actually I’d advise against donuts most of the time, but it’s your body so do what you want.  This is the day I eat “normally”.  I’ll have some sort of carb in the morning, lunch and/or preworkout, and postworkout.  Into the evening I won’t have any, but still have my protein sources.  I’m typically in the 100-150g range for carbs on this day.  These numbers have been working for me, so I won’t change them.  I like complex carbs, and carbs from veggies and fruits.


High carb days are just as they sound, high carb.  This is the day I will go up to 300-500g of carbs.  It’s also my hardest and heaviest day of training.  To give you an example of where I put this day, I have a training cycle that puts 2 heavy days one week, and 3 heavy days the next.  So the first week I have 2 high carb days and the next week I have 3.  One of these high carb days is always on the weeked.  Why?  I’ll tell you why my little minions, if I’m going to have a high carb day I’m going to plan it for a time of entertainment as well.  Go out to dinner, watch some football with the boys, go see some ballet…I mean MONSTER TRUCK RALLY.  You get the idea.  Just don’t go hog wild and throw down 1,000g of carbs on this day.


So by now I would think you have a pretty basic idea of how this should be set up.  If you know what a carb is and how to read a nutrition label, you should be able to do this quite easily.  Since we all have different goals, I’m not going to go into the quantities of the other macros and total calories.  You’re just going to have to make sure those quantities are in line with your goals.  All I really ended up doing for my carb cycling diet is took a close look at my typical daily intake of total calories, and the breakdown of fats, carbs, and protein.  On low carb days I cut out most of the carbs with the exception of carbs from veggies, and added in a bit more protein and fat.  Normal days were just normal days.  High carb days I added in extra fruit and starchy veggies, and maybe an occasional slice of cake.  If this entire post did nothing for you, I hope I can leave you with a positive image.




Little changes, BIG CHANGES!!!

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Yep kinda like that!

If you haven’t noticed, FriedMush is going through a bit of an overhaul. There are two major changes(with more on the way…hopefully).

The first being the way the site looks and damn does she look good! At the top of the page now, you can see at a glance the last four posts. If the top four isn’t enough for you, then scroll down a little and you will find the Recent Insanities A.K.A the last 10 posts. Also you do not have to scroll through all of the posts in their entirety, you get an abbreviated view for all you ADD people out there(myself included). Obviously if you want to read the whole thing then just click on the title of the post. The second thing, albeit not completed yet, is a revamping of the Categories and tags. Since the site is taking a bit of a different approach, I figured everything should be easy to find and labeled correctly.

FriedMush is going to be focusing more on Heavy Lifting(Powerlifting, Strongman, Highland Games, DIYS), Anything with a Motor, and weird obscure stuff I find amusing or interesting. I have enlisted the help and talents of two friends of mine, Slash and Tabascofr. Slash is a southern Powerlifter who knows his way around the bar but is just now actually competing(he has also dropped a huge amount of weight). Tabascofr is a Sponsored( who despite his vertical challengeness, is one strong guy(He has a 21″ neck). Sorry ladies, we are all taken. Between the three of us, we can build just about anything(yes…anything!) and have actual under the bar experience.

If you have anything you want to hear about, Please let us know. You can reach us at

Changes Coming!

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Hey Folks!  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be revamping the site in the next couple of weeks.  You will see stuff shifted around, layouts changed, and content changing.  This is going to be fun!